Mobrand Consulting
Flash & Webdevelopment

"Skomakarens barn har sämst skor"
("The shoemaker's children always has the worst shoes" - old swedish saying.)

Clients collected during a decade of experience:
AdWiFi, Arla, AstraZeneca, Bonnier, Bröderna Schulman, Catherine Westergaard, Cervera,
Chimneypot,, DallasSTHLM, Darin, Depeche Mode, Europe, Flügger,
ICA, Limetta, Man Machine, Mikeadelica, MIO, Mute, Notar, Passionfuel, Pepsi, Polarbröd,
Schering-Plough, Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival, Telia, The Library, Vattenfall,
Veckorevyn, Volvo, gr8company, and much more..